Fire Safety

Everybody knows the three main signs of a fire, SMOKE,SMELL,FLAMES. A fire can take hold very quickly within the industry that we are in. If a fire does occur then the fire alarm should sound however we are in the day and age where technology rules the human and with technology comes complications so there is a possibility that the fire alarm may not sound. If you see a fire and the alarm is not already sounding then this is what you do.

Firstly smash the nearest control panel this will activate the alarm. 

The next step is to help evacuate the building of all customers whether they wish to leave or not. Dog Section, Pool Room and Smoking area customers should leave via Church Lane exit, Kitchen and Pot Wash staff along with anyone on the Dessert counter should leave via the Fire Doors onto the Backyard, Restaurant Doors should be opened for customer to leave and anybody on the Bar or Carpet Area should leave via the Front Door.

As you will notice the back door used for entering and exiting the building on a daily basis is not mentioned above nor are the smoking shelter doors this is because they are NOT fire doors and therefore are not to be used in a situation where the alarm is going off.

Every member of staff within the building is expected to help with the evacuation, if you are near the stock room or cellar then please close the doors behind you this can help to prevent any further damage or explosions.

Staff must also be aware of whether there are any customers in the building that are visually or hearing impaired and make sure that they nominate themselves to help that person out.

Once the section that you have been helping to clear is empty then you are free to leave the building yourself.

Upon leaving please head straight for the nearest designated FIRE ASSEMBLY POINT. There are 2 that we have nominated, 1 is the furthest point of the car park next to bridge fords estate agents, 2 is outside of the shops on Church Lane, (please slam fire door behind you).

NO member of staff is to leave the fire assembly point until they are told to do so by senior management as we have a duty of care for you and a roll call will be made. Due to this it is important that you always tell 2 members of staff if you are going to the shop and you MUST always clock out.

Anybody that does not clock out that has left the FIRE ASSEMBLY POINT will be deemed as missing and will be reported to the fire brigade as being inside but not found, this will result us sending the fire brigade into the building to look for you when you are not there. Due to this we could be endangering others lives so disciplinary action will be taken against anyone who does not clock out.

Unfortunately even though we have a duty of care for customers we can not stop them from leaving once they have been evacuated it would be nice if they hung around however we all know this will not always be the case so if somebody does try to leave please do not attempt to stop them.

The FIRE ASSEMBLY POINT on Church Lane is in front of the shops as previously stated. It is always going to be a possibility that no body has a telephone on them to contact the MAIN ASSEMBLY POINT on the car park so please head towards there with any customers that have not wandered off, IF it is safe to do so, but always make sure you cross the road in front of Culcheth Car Spares walk down cross over outside the library and walk as close to the bushes as you can.

This will not always be a possibility and so if it is not please just sit tight until a nominated fire Marshall makes their way to you or you are given the all clear to re enter the building.

The last person to leave the building should be that of the Senior Management Team or the assigned Duty Manager who should have done a final sweep of the building to make sure there are no stragglers left within the building. This will include letting the dogs out of the flat using the emergency key, located at the top of the stairs. HOWEVER DO NOT PUT YOURSELF AT RISK!

I can NOT stress enough how important it is that you follow these steps they are common sense the last thing we want is to have to do is phone your parents OR partner and explain you have been injured or worse killed at work.

So to recap:

Raise the Alarm immediately

Start the evacuation process in the section you are in

Remember to check the cellar and stockroom doors if you are close by

Clear all the customers out of your section

Get to the fire assembly point

Remain at the fire assembly point until you are told to do otherwise

Now Where Are The Fire Call points?

  1. Next To Main Control Panel

  1. Cellar

  1. Next To Extendable Bar Area

  1. Bottom of Flat Stairs

I agree that i understand what to do in the event that the fire alarm sounds