RISK ASSESSMENT (June) 2020 Guidance

This document is a guide to assist you in completing your Risk Assessment for protection against Covid-19 in readiness for re-opening.  This guide has been completed taking into consideration the Government Covid-19 Secure Guidelines as of 1st June 2020.


You do not have to use this document if you have completed your own Risk Assessment.   


The lead tenant, as business owner must complete a Risk Assessment with operational oversight to the specific premises, he/she is responsible for. 

And, if using this guidance, must fully review the document and amend the detail to be specific to your premises following the most up to date Government Covid-19 Secure Guidelines when issued for Pubs.


We envisage compliance checks will be carried out by enforcement bodies such as EHO (Environmental Health Officer). We suggest best practice is to share your site-specific risk assessment with your local EHO. 


Please note Section 3a refers to Team member in house Coronavirus training.  You should have your own training for this, or you may wish to use the Free Flow Post Coronavirus modules that Greene King have provided.  You must keep records of all training completed.  


You must also brief your team to ensure they fully understand the controls put in place in your completed Risk Assessment and they each need to sign to say that they understand the controls.


Government guidance states you should share the results of your risk assessment with your workforce. If possible, you should consider publishing the results on your website (government states they expect all employers with over 50 workers to do so, but there is not an expectation for a smaller workforce than this).  You should display a notice in your workplace stating you have followed the government guidance “Staying Covid-19 Secure in 2020” which lists the Five steps to safer working together.  An example of this will be in the Covid-19 Secure Guidelines for Pubs and Restaurants when the Government issue it.


For your customers, we have developed signage to show “5 steps to safer socialising”. 


Name of Premises & Location: The Culcheth Arms

Activity: Protection against Covid-19

Potential hazards: Infection & illness 


  1. Coronavirus infection is acquired by 2 principle routes – Whilst Coronavirus symptoms are often mild, it can cause acute illness & in some individuals death. Infection is acquired by 2 principle routes: 


    1. Airborne droplets carrying the virus which have been exhaled by an infected person. The risk is greatest when a person is displaying symptoms, but not all infected persons have symptoms. Coughs & sneezes increase infection risk. The virus can enter another person via mouth, nostrils or eyes.
    2. Contamination of hands from touching a surface contaminated with virus particles (because an infected person has coughed or sneezed over it, or passed on the germs with their hands) & then touching your own face (mouth, nostrils, eyes) with your contaminated hands.


  1. Protect yourself from infection in 2 principle ways – Assume everyone is infected:

    1. SAFE SOCIALISING – Social distancing – as far as possible, keep the minimum distance advocated by government from all other people. This will reduce risk that you inhale airborne virus particles from an infected person.
    2. WASH HANDS REGULARLY. Ensure all team members wash hands frequently & vigorously using soap and water for 20 seconds in which they have been trained. They should avoid touching their face. This should be monitored throughout & take teams to task when not employed. Regular reminders will help employees adopt this safe behaviour. 




  1. Looking after your team – Effective precautions must be employed which will significantly reduce transmission of the virus between people

    1. All team members must complete in house Coronavirus Training before returning to work & on recruitment. This will make them aware of the controls within this RA (Risk Assessment). No team members may work unless they have completed the training.
    2. Should a team member develop symptoms whilst at work, they should be sent home immediately to self-isolate for a minimum 14 days.



  1. Keep virus out of the building – The Virus will only enter the building with another human. Either because they are infected or carry the virus on their hands. It is unlikely to be on stock delivered to the pub/restaurant.

    1. Display a conspicuous sign that persons can read before entering the building, instructing persons with Covid-19 symptoms not to enter the building. 
    2. Brief team members not to come to work if they have symptoms, or have had symptoms in last 7 days OR someone in their household has had symptoms in previous 14 days.                                                                              
    3. Before each team member starts a shift, take their temperature. If above 37.8C, that individual must immediately return home & self-isolate.
    4. Erect hand hygiene stations at both customer & team member entrances, together with signage requiring all persons on entering the building sanitise their hands. Team members must wash hands thoroughly & in accordance with their training, on arrival at work.
    5. Unless travelling alone in a private vehicle, team members must not travel to work in their work clothing. They should change on arrival at work washing hands before & after changing. If changing clothes is impractical, e.g. due to lack of facilities, they should wear outer clothing over their workwear which can be removed on arrival.
    6. Team members must not work at more than one pub. Do not loan staff out to other pubs.

  1. Contractors – You should instruct contractors to attend outside of trading hours when possible. If they are required to attend during trading hours, you should request they do the following:

    1. Make an appointment with Jennifer, Charlotte or Luke (Directors).
    2. Call from car park/street on arrival so that access can be arranged, maintaining social distancing & coming into contact with minimum number of people.
    3. Wear a face covering mask whilst in the building.
    4. Beer deliveries will require access to cellar & then cellar vacated whilst stock is being delivered.  Or alternatively social distance whilst delivery takes place. If possible, leave stock for 24hours or more before handling.
    5. Always wear disposable gloves or wash hands after handling newly delivered stock.






















Risk Assessment control table: The following table is a checklist for your risk assessment.  If you answer “no” for any item you should provide further information on what alternative actions you are able to take to mitigate the risk.


Control implemented (please tick Y/N)



If a control has not been employed, what alternative control / actions taken to resolve







Customer encouraged to pre-book tables.




Unless a customer has pre-booked a table online they will not be permitted to enter the building.  We currently use the res-diary online booking system which automatically assigns the customer a table.


Walk-ins permitted if tables are available.




This is a yes however their details need to be entered into the res diary system if they refuse to give them they must leave.


Vertical drinking will not be permitted, although customers may use high tops in bar area.



No drinking at the bar will be permitted, All tall tables have been removed. 


Put tape on floor parallel to bar to ensure tables & chairs do not encroach within the safe social distance of anyone working behind the bar.



All tables from around the bar area have been removed in order to not cause any confusion as to where people can and can’t sit.


Need to manage door during peak periods to ensure customers are not bunching inside the pub. Queuing at entrance or in car park might be necessary & social distancing may need to be encouraged via the door host.



If Ques are to be likely then social distancing measures are to be adhered to down the side of the building down past the restaurant doors.


Trade area must be set up to maintain social distancing, some tables & chairs removed or clearly marked as out of use.



All Tables have been removed any table that is left has the relevant social distancing around out to be used. 


A single customer entrance has been identified with a separate exit door to ensure one-way flow of customers. Signage makes this clear.



Church Lane door must be kept closed at all times this is now going to become a Fire Exit only.


Alternative access point may be necessary for persons with impaired mobility. Ensure a plan is in place & team are aware of this.



Anyone who is visually impaired or needs help entering and exiting the building needs to be looked after by 1 single member of staff. This member of staff should always be wearing PPE and is to wash hands thoroughly after dealing with the customer.


Customer toilets are managed for single entry or sufficient urinals, hand wash sinks & toilet cubicles are taken out of use to maintain social distancing.



Vacant / Occupied signs on the doors of toilets, cubicle 2 in the ladies to be taken out of action and cubicle in gents as well as 2 urinals out of action.  1 in 1 out rules apply. 



Pinch points where social distancing cannot be maintained have been identified & suitable precautions employed.


Pinch Point around the outskirts of the bar.



Archway between the bar is a pinch point all tables that were around the area have been removed in order to create as much space as possible for people to manoeuvre around the area.


If possible, open windows etc. to increase flow of external air into building.



Very few windows open within the building however we will do our best to open the ones that do.




Control implemented (please tick Y/N)



If a control has not been employed, what alternative control / actions taken to resolve







Team members can stagger breaks & take them away from customers or at least maintain social distancing.                                                                        



1 Team member on break at a time and this is to be taken in the staff room with Sanitiser and anti bacterial wipes and spray to be used after each use.


Team members have been allocated to specific shift teams. Switching between teams should not take place unless absolutely necessary and only with approval.



Team members have been allocated specific shifts however as we are a small team everyone will be working with other people.


Team meetings may only be conducted remotely. Any necessary one to one meeting must observe social distancing.



Any team meetings will be conducted in the restaurant where there is enough space for social distancing.


All team members with a specific workstation. e.g. behind bar or in kitchen, must be set up so that each station is self-sufficient to avoid unnecessary moving around which may compromise social distancing. Staff may occasionally pass each other on the cook-line or behind the bar, but this should be avoided as much as possible. This may mean that only one person is working the bar or one person in the kitchen. 



All staff will be allocated there specific shift on the Rota per their shift.


Keep uniforms clean. This gives customers confidence. 



All uniform is to be washed and ironed prior to arriving at work if it does need ironing then C and J Limited can provide an iron for use in the Staff Room.












Where possible, all drinks will be served to customers seated at tables. Bar tenders should have their own workspace, including dedicated ice bucket, scoop, fruit & tongs.
These together with any spirit bottles should be cleaned & sanitised at the end of each shift or on change over. If bar is large enough for 2 people, each space should be marked out with floor tape.



1 Person to work the bar Monday – Thursday. Friday, Saturday and Sunday 2 people to tend the bar however no crossing will be allowed and each person will have their own share of the stock.












Social distancing must be maintained in the kitchen. If this is not possible, then only one person to work there. More preparation & cleaning time may be required outside of trading hours. Where more than one person working in kitchen, each must have their own workstation. Do not mark out sections with floor tape, this may become a trip hazard & will become a dirt trap. Ensure each member of kitchen team understands the boundaries of their workstation & that they have their own dedicated utensils, including temperature probe.





2 people to work the kitchen at one time, Communication between chefs will be paramount as no crossing is to take place, 1 chef to control starters and fryers another Chef to control raw meats and cookers and grill.



Control implemented (please tick Y/N)



If a control has not been employed, what alternative control / actions taken to resolve







Record here, number who can work in kitchen. Do not include staff collecting food for service.         




2 people in the Kitchen maximum at one time.


Put utensils though pot wash machine between shifts.



All utensils will be washed throughly between use.


Do not share pens when completing due diligence paperwork.



All employees will be issued with a new pad and pens they are to be used by only that employee and sharing will not be tolerated.


Disposable gloves should be worn for taking in food deliveries & then discarded once this task is complete. Remembering to wash hands after use.



Disposable gloves will be situated in the back corridor as well as on the dessert counter. Hand sanitiser will be in the back corridor, on the dessert counter and behind the bar. 


Only one person in walk in storage space at a time.





Do not allow delivery drivers to enter the BOH (Back of House) area.



No delivery personal are to enter the building under any circumstance.  All deliveries are to be dropped at the back doors and moved internally by staff using sanitiser spray.












Should be installed FOH (front of house) and BOH (back of house).



Hand sanitiser unit is to be installed by the in and out door in FOH this unit will be non moveable and maintained by staff.  There will be a wall mounted dispenser fitted by the back door to be used on entering and exiting the building.


At customer & team member entrance.



Hand sanitiser unit is to be installed by the in and out door in FOH this unit will be non moveable and maintained by staff.  There will be a wall mounted dispenser fitted by the back door to be used on entering and exiting the building.


Adjacent to working till, one for team & another for customers.



All staff will be issued with their own bottle of sanitiser hand gel to be used by them only and kept in their pinny.  1 Hand pump either end of the bar will be supplied however this is for limited customer use as we intend for customers to not use the bar for service.


BOH in location for frequent use.



BOH Dispenser will be on the wall situated by the back door to be used on entering exit and after tables cleared as well as bottle supplied.












Display signage encouraging customers to use contactless payment or on Order & Pay digital platform if available. 



Digital platform is currently being developed should be in operation early July. Card payment preferred however limited cash will be accepted.  1 member of staff will be eligible to interact with customers to take orders via a Tablet system if customer is unable to use app.


Identify a single till where customers can order & pay for food. Put tape on floor to identify social distancing requirements.



MONDAY TO THURSDAY only the restaurant till will be used however on FRIDAY SATURDAY SUNDAY both members of staff will have their own till to use.


Any operational tills must be protected with a plexiglass screen & hand sanitizing gel. The PDQ machine & printer should be on the customer side of the screen.



Plexiglass screens will be fixed in front of the tills and tape will mark on the floor a do not cross area 1m from the bar this area will be the tiled area on the floor. 


Any cash transactions should be Placed on the bar then the customer is to step back.



Customer should step forward to place cash on the bar then should return behind the line whilst the transaction is completed then the customer should step forward to collect the change off the bar where the staff member has placed it.



Control implemented (please tick Y/N)



If a control has not been employed, what alternative control / actions taken to resolve







Customers will be expected to remain seated; food & drink will be taken to their table.



Customers are to be served at tables only they should only move to go to the bathroom. The Waitress serving should maintain a minimum 1M distance from the customer when delivering any product to the table. Leaning over customers to place drinks or food on the table will not be tolerated.


Team members will need to be FOH to deliver plated food & drinks to tables & to collect used crockery & glassware. In such circumstances social distancing cannot be maintained. Keep contact time with customers to a minimum. Ensure adequate face masks/coverings are available.



If it is not possible to deliver food to a table without having to stand close to the table then FOH team need to wear a face covering supplied by the company.  Any used products should be removed from the table again using a face covering.  Ideally this would only be in a scenario where the customer had ordered desserts.  












Tables will be left empty between customers.



Tables Can be used by customers up until 15 minutes before the next customers are due this will allow enough time to clean down the area efficiently with sanitiser and dry ready for the next customer.


Cutlery & condiment sachets will be brought to table at same time food is served.



Cutlery will be supplied in a pre-rolled napkin and given to the customer when the food is deliver to the table, condiments will also be brought out once the customer is offered them after food delivered.


Single use napkins only & disposable sauce sachets. No reusable bottles.



Single use napkins will be used to house cutlery delivered to the customer, and disposable sauce sachets will be used rather than reusable bottles.


Clear, clean & sanitise tables & chair backs (where customers may have touched them) between each party of customers.



There will be a minimum 15 minute clean down time between table use where the area will be cleaned thoroughly and sanitised ready for the next customer.


If necessary, return table & chairs to safe distance from others.



Customers will be informed furniture is under no circumstance to be moved around the building all areas have been set up in accordance with social distancing.


Use glass trays to collect empty glasses.



Trays will be used for clearing empty tables, please remember to not touch any areas as to where a customers mouth may have been.


Always wash hands after clearing tables & glassware.



Any area a customer has touched can become an “affected” area please make sure you are always washing your hands throughly for minimum 20 seconds between each clean down then sanitising hands.


A pedal bin with close fitting lid, must be provided for staff to dispose of face masks & disposable gloves.



A Stainless Steel bin will be provided in the glass wash area for disposal of any face masks or gloves.












Touching of some surfaces is unavoidable.  Frequent cleaning with suitable sanitizer will kill the virus if it is on the surface



There will be Blue Roll, Anti Bacterial Spray and anti bacterial wipes placed on the bar, in the kitchen, on the dessert counter and in the glass wash for cleaning after surfaces have been touched


Use your nominated cleaning sanitiser.



Clean Pro Fast Acting Antibacterial Cleaner and Disinfectant & Clean Pro Antibacterial Spray 


Increase frequency of cleaning of all surfaces that are frequently touched. These include door push plates & handles, till buttons, card machines & office keypads, toilet handles & all taps, hand dryers, tables, chairs & AWP machines. During busy periods a dedicated person allocated to this task will increase customer confidence.



All possible contamination areas are to be sprayed with antibacterial spray at least every 20 minutes and 1 person per shift will be assigned this duty.



Control implemented (please tick Y/N)



If a control has not been employed, what alternative control / actions taken to resolve







AWPs can continue to be played. Consider fitting a hand sanitiser dispenser to the wall adjacent to machine & applying tape to floor with a reminder that anyone not playing the machine needs to maintain social distance.



AWP’S are not present in The Culcheth Arms however we have a pool table which we have taken out of commission for the foreseeable future that will be used as a tall table with tall chairs around it.


Control implemented (please tick Y/N)



If a control has not been employed, what alternative control / actions taken to resolve


Live Entertainment





Entertainers are to be shown protective procedures upon arrival



Upon arrival a member of senior management will walk entertainers around the building and show them exactly how procedures work and what is expected from them.


All equipment to be used is to be provided by and only used by the entertainers.



Entertainers are all made aware when being booked that they need to bring all their own equipment aa they will not be supplied any from the company or any other entertainers that might be playing the same day.


All customers who wish to watch entertainment must have a seat to sit in whilst entertainment is on going. 



Same rules apply here with regards to maintaining social distancing for customers that everyone must have a seat. 


All customers including entertainers are to use alternative methods of drinks ordering where possible. 



Customers are to be given an incentive to use the App available from the Apple store and Google Play store to order drinks, if they wish to order with a human then one member of staff will be giving table service with extra precaution.


There will be social distancing around the Entertainers



Every effort has been made to make sure that there is at minimum a 1 meter distance between the entertainers and the next table.


Make sure that all areas are disinfected with anti bacterial before and after the entertainment has taken place



All entertainment will be earmarked for external used the area will be cleaned throughly before the band start and after the band finish. 


Area Entertainment will take place



Entertainment is to take place in the open air beer garden only under cold weather will internal entertainment take place as to which the same conditions apply.


Control implemented (please tick Y/N)



If a control has not been employed, what alternative control / actions taken to resolve


Alcohol Consumption, Last Orders & Kicking Out Time





Alcohol may only be consumed on the premises if the customer is eating a ‘substantial meal’.



All staff have been informed that alcohol may only be served to customers that are dining with us.  Every customer must have a meal if they want alcohol they can not just have a starter it must be a full meal ie, a main course or a starter and main or a main and dessert.


Government Guidelines are that last orders must take place before 10pm and no alcohol is to leave the bar past 10pm.



All staff have been informed that there is no alcohol to leave the bar past 10pm and failure to comply will put C & J Limited at risk of breaking the law resulting in disciplinary of staff member.


Alcohol purchased to leave sight must leave in a sealed container we can not supply customers a plastic pint pot to leave the premises.



All staff are aware that customers can not leave the premises with open drinking containers and any alcohol that is purchased to take away is to be supplied in the disposable container bags.


Government Guidelines allow for an hour of ‘drinking up time’ between 10-11pm once the glass is empty the customer must leave the premises.  Front doors are to be locked at 11pm and no later



All staff have been informed that the front doors of the premise are to be closed and locked by 11pm and failure to comply will put C & J Limited at risk of breaking the law resulting in disciplinary of staff member.



I declare this business is compliant with Covid-19 Secure guidelines & can safely trade and I have reviewed the Risk Assessment with each member of my team as outlined below.





Luke Birchall




General Manager



By signing I agree and understand the controls that I must follow as outlined in the Risk Assessment above





Christopher Booth



Rowena Thomas



Taylor Greenough



Luke Birchall



Jennifer Birchall



Charlotte Hutchinson



Katie Breden



Mark Bond



Steven Hutchinson



Caitlin Worthington



Eliza Simpson Forrest



Lucy Lymer



Elspbeth Scott



Samantha Aspinall



Victoria Bond